About Us

Bingley Wong and Co was founded in 1981 by Mr. Bingley Wong and was incorporated to name as Bingley Wong (CPA) Limited in 2005 under the Professional Accountants Ordinance and the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong in order to take advantage of the wider scope empowered under the legal structure for furtherance of future growth of the Company.

To provide one-stop services to meet the needs of our clients, Bingley Consulting Limited was established in the same founding year. The two Companies are now operating as an alliance to compliment each other.

Our staff includes qualified professional accountants, qualified company secretaries, HR specialists, management consultants, etc. With our experience, knowledge and technical expertise, we provide full-range of services to individuals from different walks of life or businesses of various size and structures, in a broad spectrum of industries.

These varies from private companies, public companies and/or subsidiaries of listed companies as well as sole proprietorship and partnership who carry on businesses such as catering services, general investments, international trading, retail chains, properties investments, properties developments, constructions, information technologies services, professional services, securities dealers, futures dealers, manufacturing businesses, energy conservation businesses, production businesses, laboratories services, associations and charitable institutions, etc. to grow their business.

Our clienteles come from all over of the world including local and Mainland China, Asia, Europe, Australia, Northern America and Africa, etc.

We serve our clients with our mind and our heart. We work hand in hand with our Community.


Alliance firms :
Bingley Wong (CPA) Limited
Bingley Consulting Limited

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